Safeguarding Policy October 2018

Thetford Singers Safeguarding Policy


Thetford Singers is a community choir, meeting weekly, during school terms, in the Methodist Church Rooms.  The adult choir is open to all and performs a number of public concerts each year usually in venues in Thetford and its environs.  The Choir has charitable status and is managed by a committee elected by its members.  Thetford Singers employs a Musical Director and piano accompanist.

Under 18s

Thetford Singers often performs with groups of children from a local school and a community youth choral group.  Thetford Singers runs a bursary programme to encourage and support young singers, to introduce them to choral singing and furnish them with a lifelong enjoyment of singing, with the added benefits of building confidence and adding to their CVs.  This is under the direction of an experienced and energetic Musical Director.  Thetford Singers has a junior branch, Thetford Voices, which is a project based singing programme for 5-18 year olds comprising holiday courses and an occasional performance choir.

Thetford Singers is committed to promoting the wellbeing of young people, and is fully aware of the central importance of implementing a Safeguarding Policy to ensure their protection.  It is also aware that, being an open access community choir, it may at times have members who may be classed as vulnerable adults and the Policy is an active document for those members too.

Thetford Singers acknowledges the responsibility it holds for young people/vulnerable adults, including anything involving them during choir related activities, such as rehearsal and performance duration and standards of health and safety in the buildings used by Thetford Singers.



Thetford Singers accepts its duty of care and is committed to ensuring that all young people/vulnerable adults involved in the choir are protected from harm, undertaking that all suspicions of harm will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately.  Our arrangements enable all members of the choir to share concerns they may have in the confidence that they will be dealt with by designated people in accordance with this policy.

Thetford Singers will appoint and make known to all members a nominated and named member of the choir to be the contact for any concerns regarding safeguarding. (Safeguarding Officer)  In the absence of that officer there will be other named officers available.  (See Appendix 1)

Thetford Singers accepts that the Musical Director, Accompanist, all adult choir members and all leaders working with Thetford Voices have a duty to abide by this policy and to report concerns. All members and officers are required to familiarise themselves with this Safeguarding document.


Thetford Singers will ensure that the Musical Director, Safeguarding Officer and two Designated Officers plus all leaders working with Thetford Voices have a current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. All DBS checks will be inspected and approved by the Chair and Vice Chair of Thetford Singers/ Director of Thetford Voices. All designated safeguarding officers and those working directly with children will have an enhanced DBS check.  All designated officers will undergo safeguarding training.

All choir members will be treated with respect at all times, regardless of ethnicity or age. Young people and vulnerable adults will be afforded that same respect.  Similarly, young people will be expected to demonstrate that same level of respect and good behaviour.

All choir members will avoid compromising situations e.g. an adult being alone with a young person.

If any choir member has concerns regarding the welfare or the behaviour of any child, or concerns about the behaviour of any adult choir member, then these should be taken to the Safeguarding Officer or another Designated Person.

Permission will be sought from all choir members and in the case of young people under 18 their parents/carers, before any photographs or visually recorded material is used in the press or on social media, YouTube or the like.

Permission will be sought from parents/carers before a young person is admitted to the choir or takes part in Thetford Voices activities.


Members of the Thetford Singers committee and all leaders working with Thetford Voices will undertake to implement Safeguarding procedures as detailed in this document which aligns with Norfolk Safeguarding Children Board.

Any expression of concern regarding either a young person, or adult choir member, will immediately be reported to the Safeguarding Officer or other Designated Officer. If the concern comes in the form of a disclosure then this must be reported to the Safeguarding Officer or other Designated Officer and then not discussed with any other person. 

Norfolk County Council Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) 0344 800 8020

OR in the case of an emergency 999

The reported problem will immediately be logged.  This log will be held securely by the Safeguarding Officer in a password protected folder.  In the event of a concern being raised about a young person’s/vulnerable adult’s welfare or a disclosure being made by a young person the Safeguarding Officer or other Designated Person will discuss the matter with parents as appropriate and/or contact:


Thetford Singers will review this policy at least annually.

The Safeguarding Policy is available on the Thetford Singers website.



 Safeguarding Officer

Rebecca Doyle

Designated Officers

Fiona Barnett

Sue Garland