Thetford Singers Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here then please get in touch thetfordsingers@googlemail.com

I don’t read music, will that be a problem?
No – we do sing from music so the ability to read is an advantage; however it is more important that you commit to attending rehearsals regularly to learn the music and don’t forget to bring a pencil to make notes!

Thetford Singers comprises members with a range of abilities, from experienced singers and musicians to those who’ve just started singing again since school days, and often the more experienced members will help out the less experienced.

Do you sing all year round?
No – our rehearsals usually follow the local schools’ term time.   Please see the calendar page for dates.

I don’t know which voice group I should join.
We have two voices for ladies – Sopranos and Altos – and two for the gents – Tenors and Basses.  If you’re not sure whether you suit the higher or lower voice group then you are welcome to sit with both groups in different rehearsals before you decide which suits you best.

How much does it cost to join?
Our subscription is £90 per year which may be paid in total or in instalments of £30 per term.  You are invited to try us for 2 or 3 weeks before committing to paying subs.

I don’t drive, so will have difficulty attending functions outside Thetford.
Don’t worry – talk to committee members or colleagues in your voice group – most of us lift-share for out-of-town events.

Members come from a wide area around Thetford so if you live outside town you may be able to arrange a lift-share to rehearsals.

Will I have to buy my own music?
No – Thetford Singers will supply the music we use, either borrowed from the county library or other choirs, or taken from our own small library.   Many choir members do like to buy their own copies of music we sing regularly.

It is important that choir members help our librarian by handing back their music on the date requested and rubbing out notes/markings before returning it.    Late return of music may result in the choir being charged late fees by the library.

How often do you perform?
We usually give two or three concerts each year with a major work, accompanied by an orchestra, every three or four years.  Occasionally, instead of a concert we host a singing workshop or a ‘come and sing’.

Christmas time is busy for us with carol singing at Centre Parcs and in town.  We also have the occasional community based event during the year such as singing at King’s House garden.

I’m new to the area and don’t know if I’ll fit in.
Thetford Singers is a friendly community choir.  So we can concentrate on the music making we don’t ‘chat’ during the rehearsal but make a point of having a break mid-way to get to know each other and catch up.   If you have any concerns then please speak to committee members or colleagues in your voice group.

Is there a uniform?
Yes – for formal concerts ladies wear a black top with long black skirt or trousers. A red rose is provided by the choir.  Gents wear black shirt and trousers with a red bow tie.

Can children join the choir?
Thetford Singers is an adult choir.  We do welcome older teenagers with mature voices who are accompanied by a responsible adult.

The choir does sometimes collaborate with local children’s groups – in recent years we have performed concerts with Thetford Music Project and with Thetford Grammar School Choir.

I’m struggling with the music – what can I do?
Don’t worry  –  we’ve all been there.   It can be very helpful to listen to and sing along to the music between rehearsals.  Thetford Singers subscribes to the John Fletcher website where you can download sound files which feature your voice part to sing along to. (To find out more ask choir colleagues about the log-in details.)  ChoralLine also offer excellent downloads or CDs with individual voice parts prominent.  Some choir members like to buy performance recordings of the music, or borrow them from the local library, to sing-along to.

Chris our MD often sends out links to You tube or Spotify so that we can familiarise ourselves with the music.

Though I’d love to sing with a large group, I’m not sure classical music is my thing.
As a choral society many of the pieces we sing are much loved and well known sacred and other lighter classical works but we do vary our programme to include popular music, show tunes, jazz and gospel as well as Christmas music.  You can expect at least one classical concert and one lighter concert each year.

Not all our members have come from a background of choral singing.  We are sure you’ll find that as confidence grows with each rehearsal you will come to enjoy the challenge and variety of learning to sing different genres of music.