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Rehearsals every Wednesday during term time

7-30pm Methodist Chapel Hall, Tanner Street 

New members always welcome

NEW TERM STARTS SEPT 4TH – come and join us.


Thetford Singers is a friendly community choir which has been making music and performing concerts in our local area for over 40 years.

We hope you enjoy your visit to this site and are encouraged to join us as a singer on Wednesday evenings at the Methodist Church Hall. If not we would love to see you at our next concert!

Membership of Thetford Singers has grown considerably over the last few years.  With nearly 60 members the rehearsal room is buzzing on a Wednesday evening.

We always welcome new members.

Thetford Voices is our junior branch and we have already recruited from their ranks into our adult choir.  

We also have a bursary scheme for young people; to find out more go to the link on the menu.

(Thetford Singers is a Registered Charity No:2691421)

Christmas Concert 2019

For tickets click  HERE 

Thetford Singers, a reflection…

How long ago the last concert seems. That gathering crescendo of preparation and activity which culminates in the release of a performance, combining exhilaration and fulfilment in equal measure. Nothing quite compares to the satisfaction of seeing that dedication pay.
A new term beckons. The feeling of excitement and trepidation, induced by the rather daunting prospect of tackling new material, returns. Not being the best at reading music, I find an inspiration and teacher in every single member here. That through life’s trials and tribulations each of us has an individual voice that has a gift to offer on this, our shared musical voyage.
Our choir is blessed by having musicians as regular contributory members. Together, our exuberance is fed by the dedication of our musical director Chris Parsons, whose enthusiasm is not only evident in his bold choice of material but also in our advancement as a collective as a whole.
Why don’t you come along and join us!

Mark Dodson – May 2019

The True Diversity of Thetford

We are seeking to involve all parts of Thetford’s Community in our choir.

Nós somos um coro comunitario que está á procura de novos cantores. Seja bem- vindo e venha ajudar a representar a diversidade cultural em Thetford. Se está interessado e gostava de participar junte-se a nós para uma sessăo grátis todas as quartas- feiras das 7.30 ás 9.30pm na Thetford Methodist Church Hall. Desde já um caloroso obrigado a todos os interessados.

Mes esame vietinis bažnyčio choras, mes ieškome dainininku kurie norėtu prisijungti prie mušu choro nemokamai trečiadienio vakarais 7.30 9.30pm Thetfordo Methodistu bažnyčioje visi estate laukiami!

Jesteśmy wspólnotą oparta o zespół który poszukuje wokalistów, pomóż nam prawdziwa różnorodność Thetford jeśli jesteś zainteresowany dołącz do nas na bezpłatna sesje treningowa w środowe Wieczory 7.30 9.30pm w sali Thetford Methodist Church Hall wszyscy są mile widziani zapraszamy Polaków, Litwinów.

Созданный местными жителями хор ищет певцов разных национальностей чтобы отразить истинное разнообразие культур нашего города. Если Вы заинтересованны, присоединяйтесь к нам. Первая репетиция бесплатная.

Ждём Вас каждую среду с 7.30 – 9.30pm вечера в Thetford Methodist Church Hall.